Sheryl Brennan Announces Joint Venture With Online Marketing Pros: The Louisville Write-In

Ok, so this is the second major announcement coming from the Sheryl Brennan camp :)

I am happy to announce the formation of a new writing group in Louisville, aptly named The Louisville Write-In. The Louisville Write-In is a place for all bloggers, article marketers, social media managers, published and pre-published authors to meet, get some much needed writing done, network, and support each other.

As the internet and social networking continues to grow, content (and I mean well crafted content here) becomes more important. Unfortunately, more often than not, the creation of it takes a back seat to work or home life. This is exactly why Louisville Write-In was created. To stop the madness, get out of your usual environment, and step into a safe place where the phone, co-workers, or laundry aren’t interrupting creative thought.

The first meeting of Louisville Write-In is April 15th from 9am-12pm. Admission is $7.00 per person and provides:

  • Coffee, water, and munchies
  • Classroom setting with free Wi-Fi
  • A 30-minute writing craft tip session
  • Networking opportunities
  • Time to do nothing but write
  • No pressure, no stress, peer-to-peer critiquing session
  • Plenty of FREE parking

Pre-registration is required because space is limited, but ya can’t even get a cup of Starbucks and all those extras for that, so come on out and see us at the launch of the Louisville Write-In!