The Celtic Enchantment Series


“Do you know how to make the gods laugh, Ceana? Tell them of your plans….”

When members of the O’Connor clan come to claim Ceana O’Hagan on her eighteenth birthday, she believes her destiny is clear: to marry Cian O’Connor, become a druid priestess, and restore the mystic powers of a long-lost ancestor.

But the path becomes muddy when a mysterious stranger captures Ceana’s heart, setting an alternate course of events into motion. Dangling within the chasms of religion, duty, and newly discovered emotions, will Ceana’s desire to fulfill her tribal obligations force her to give up the love of Cian, her country, and her culture, or will she refuse to become the Celtic Sacrifice the English Crown demands?

CELTIC SACRIFICE is the first in The Celtic Enchantment Series is a historical paranormal romance set in Ireland and Wales.


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Can a reluctant druid not only find her power, but a love to stand the test of time?

Maeve Laurel always knew she was different. All her life she’d heard the stories about an O’Connor relative who’d bequeathed her vast druidic powers. Schooled in the ancient Celtic religion and shielded from the watchful eye of English court, her mother prepared her for a prophetic vocation. Maeve’s powers grew stronger, but the same stories meant to inspire only made her feel weak and simple.

Finding herself suddenly marked for death by King James I, Maeve finds safety and protection in the companionship of Robert Mostyn, the groomsman who’s loved her since childhood.

Can Maeve escape the mercenaries hired to kill her and become the Celtic Hope the High Priests of Ireland have foretold or will her fear drive away the love of Robert, and cause the extinction of the O’Connor clan?


Can a mentally unstable American tourist heal hundreds of years of oppression as well as her own wayward heart?

A company-sponsored sabbatical overseas is the perfect excuse for Breslin O’Connor to spend some quality time with her Irish friends. Everything goes according to planned until the airline loses her luggage.

Breslin now finds herself in a foreign country without the medication she needs to control the visions that once plagued her childhood. Taking the advice of Teague Kelly, native Irishman and long time friend, the pair set out to search for the ancient ring of standing stones and people described in her imaginings.

With Teague leading the way, Breslin embarks on a dizzying adventure across Ireland, uncovering a past she thought deeply buried. Are the ancient monuments the answer to her mental well-being or the portal to a lifetime of psychological trauma? Can Teague open Breslin’s mind and heart to a love that transcends time and space?