Celtic Sacrifice is now available

Yes, patience is a virtue, but I am proud to announce that the re-release of Celtic Sacrifice is now available in digital format at Turquoise Morning Press! If you prefer print, the trade paperback version will be available online and at your local bookstore in 6-8 weeks.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think…the sequel “Celtic Hope” will be released in a few months. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing the characters stories.


New Cover For Celtic Sacrifice- I’m so excited!

OMG! I just got the mock up of the new cover for my re-release of Celtic Sacrifice tentatively scheduled for a February 2012 release. I have to wait until my publisher approves, but I have to say that Karen Alsup of KMA Production REALLY understands how to put the elements, storyline, and symbolism of romantic fiction onto a book cover. I can’t wait to unveil it.

Oh…and Karen also delivers fantastic graphic design for business as well. I’ve engaged KMA Production’s services for business cards, flyers, postcards, and brochures with nothing less than stellar results. If you are looking for a graphic designer who “gets it”, doesn’t need to be spoon fed, and knows what customer satisfaction is all about, check out Karen Alsup of KMA Productions.

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